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I could write forever on this area, but I'll keep it short. There is a lot of information on the Web and in the library. There are some good links within this site and some searching on your own will uncover more.

Once visited, you will not forget the beauty of Highlands and the surrounding area. Cool summer climates and spectacular scenery. Summer time temperatures avg. (79 - 82° high) and (60° - 65° low.) This area has one of the highest rainfall rates in the U.S., about 70-80 inches per year. The results of this though, are a series of scenic streams, rivers and waterfalls. The most notable of the rivers that originate from here are the Chattooga, Horsepasture, Cullasaja and Whitewater Rivers.

Miles of hiking trails, beautiful forests and abundant wildlife, including the rare Golden Eagle and Peregrine Falcon. Two places not to miss are the summit at Whiteside Mountain and the 411 foot Whitewater Falls.

Fall and Summer prove to be the most popular times to visit. In my opinion though almost anytime has it's advantages. January and February do get cold, but it is short lived. If you like snow skiing, those short periods of cold weather are great. When the leaves are down in the colder months your long range views are endless, and at night you'll feel as if your standing in the stars.
From the Deck
The Highlands area is a place that is easy to fall in love with. Whatever your interests may be, there is a season here for you.
From the Deck